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Anala Beevers from New Orleans learned the alphabet when she was four months old and by 18 months had mastered numbers in Spanish. Anala’s parents said that Anala is proficient in English and constantly corrects them on their grammar lol.

She Scored an astounding 145 on the IQ test. Which puts her at the top 1% of society. She has also been accepted into the “High IQ Mensa Society”  the second youngest person ever to be accepted.

Anala’s Parents say that she keeps them on their toes never ceasing to amaze them.

I have mixed opinions about the “IQ test” with Black children however I think it’s a great accomplishment.
Go Anala!!

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this was wild from start to finish

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Erika Alexander Explains Why White Executives Only Cast Black Actors in Stereotypical Roles

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Don Cheadle Miles Davis’ biopic crowdfunding campaign now live.

Actor Don Cheadle is developing a Miles Davis biopic titled ‘Miles Ahead’, and he needs your help. Cheadle is seeking $325,000 by July 6 and in order to raise that amount, he’s started a crowdfunding campaign that’s now live.


Laughing, crying, dancing, dying…

Pictures of people from all walks of life.  Some I posted earlier with a background story, but this time, I leave it to your imagination to weave a story of what happened.